Trade Association Participation

Energy is a major concern of your members. Playing a meaningful role in helping your members cut energy costs and qualify for extra rebates, resulting in a possible 100% rebate, is a valuable benefit trade associations can provide.

Energy Innovation Group (EIG) manages the TAP program. The Typical Trade Association Member Communication Program:

  • Trade Association posts program information on website, informs members of the program through email communications, newsletters, fax alerts, or direct mail.
  • The program is presented at association trade shows and  energy information program breakfast meetings.
  • For members that request information, EIG secures the information to identify opportunities.
  • EIG provides test LEDs to confirm suitability.
  • EIG prepares an Opportunity Report of existing and proposed LED lighting, potential savings, and available rebates.
  • EIG handles all utility application and inspection requirements.
  • EIG provides the LEDs for companies to install.