Do we have to be a trade association member or management company client to participate?

Any company that is provided electricity by a utility with a rebate program for LED lamps and/or LED fixtures can participate in the program. A company does not have be a trade association member or management company client to take advantage of the opportunity




How are LEDs available at no cost or with such low cost?

The Trade Association program combines the massive, collective buying power of the members and clients of Hotel Associations, BOMA, and the largest property management companies in the U.S.  to purchase of millions of LEDs annually to secure sizable rebates from LED manufacturers, which are passed on to building owners in addition to receiving utility incentives.   Depending on the utility area, building owners can often secure LED fixtures and lamps with rebates covering 100% of the cost or at such low cost for 90 day or faster paybacks for lamps and generally between 12 and 24 months for LED fixtures. This results in compelling economics with pricing and rebate advantages that individual companies could not likely achieve on their own through a conventional supply source.




What light bulbs and fixtures are replaced with LEDs?

The LEDs replace linear fluorescent T8 lamps, HID and fluorescent fixtures, incandescent and halogen lamps, screw-in and 2- and 4-pin CFLs, and as kits for downlight can retrofits.




What are energy savings, maintenance benefits and payback periods with LEDs?

The lighting quality and reliability of LEDs has dramatically advanced, along with significantly reduced cost to make it compelling to replace most any type of conventional lighting with LEDs. By combining the Trade Association LED Program rebates with utility incentives, the cost of LED lamps is either covered 100% or reduced to a small enough amount to produce paybacks generally less than 90 days. For LED fixtures, the rebates cover approximately 70% of the cost and produce paybacks generally between 12 and 24 months. LEDs produce up to 80% energy savings. As examples: (i) a 60 watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced by a 10 watt LED; (ii) A 90 watt flood light bulb can be replaced by a 15 watt LED; (iii) A 400 watt metal halide fixture can be replaced by a 150 watt LED; and a 32 watt tube can be replaced by a 15 watt or 18 watt LED tube. A single LED tube with high lumens has the lighting quality and level to replace two fluorescent tubes in many locations.


LED lamps have a rated life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours compared to 1,000 to 5,000 hours of incandescent and halogen lamps and 6,000 to 10,000 hours for compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs). LEDs’ lamp life can be up to 25 longer than incandescent and halogen, and up to 8 times longer than CFLs. LED fixtures generally have a rated life up to 50,000 hours, compared to a typical 10,000 hour life of metal halide. Thus, the LED could last up to 5 times longer. The reduced cost and reduced demand on staff to purchase and replace burned out lamps is often considered of equal or greater importance to companies than the energy savings.




How does LED lighting quality compare with compact fluorescent lamps?

The lighting quality and appearance of LEDs is far superior to CFLs. The lighting is more pleasing to the eye, more natural looking and generally more attractive. LEDs come on instantly at full light level, compared to the typical CFL, which when turned on, often is quite dim and takes time to come to full light level. Most LEDs are fully dimmable.




What is the process to receive LEDs?

For buildings that appear to have a worthwhile opportunity to benefit from the program, no-cost audits are arranged to determine the LED opportunities, followed by a report of existing lighting, proposed lighting, energy savings, rebates, and net cost to the company, if any. Test LEDs are provided to approve lighting quality, color, light levels and overall suitability for the application. Upon approval, LEDs are supplied for installation. The Trade Association LED Program handles all rebate requirements and any warranty needs.