About the LED Program

Leveraging Massive Buying Power

Governments and major companies often negotiate favorable pricing for products and services. However, the massive, collective buying power of a national grouping of Trade Associations and Property Management companies had never before been effectively leveraged to secure such major advantages — until now.

The Trade Association LED Program, managed by Energy Innovation Group (EIG), has aggregated the massive buying power of the members and clients of these organizations nationally to enter into agreements with LED manufacturers for significant incentives to produce economics for building owners not otherwise likely possible.

The Trade Association LED Program combines these incentives with utility rebates to provide LEDs for commercial buildings to produce a cost so low and savings so great to result in a return of investment in 90 days or less for LED lamps, not even considering the maintenance benefits of long life LEDs. For fixtures, the combined financial benefits generally offset approximately 70% of the installed fixture cost for a return of investment often between 12 and 24 months. For LED tubes, the return of investment is as short as 6 months.

EIG secures data of a building’s present lighting, provides test LEDs or installs demonstration fixtures for buildings’ approval, handles utility rebate requirements, and arranges for the supply of the LEDs for company or for contractor installation.

Any commercial building, such as office buildings, hospitality, restaurants, retail, entertainment, industrial, and others, served by a utility that provides rebates for LED lamps and fixtures can participate in the program.

Most buildings want LED’s 80% energy savings, up to 50,000 hour rated life, and high quality lighting, but not the high cost to purchase LEDs. The Trade Association LED Program eliminates that impediment.

The EIG management has operated energy efficiency programs for utilities, trade associations, property management companies, cities and government agencies, dating back to 1976.