Trade Association Program Incentives for Low-Cost LEDs

The Trade Association LED Rebate Program, managed by Energy Innovation Group, LLC (EIG), is anchored by trade associations, property management companies and private/public partnerships committed to reducing energy use in the U.S. to use the collective buying power of their members and clients to purchase millions of LEDs annually and secure special incentives from LED manufacturers, which are passed on to building owners.

This has resulted in significant added rebates that combine with utility incentives for building owners to secure LED fixtures and lamps with rebates covering 100% of the cost or to produce such low cost for 90 day or faster paybacks for lamps and generally between 12 months and 24 months for LED fixtures. This results in compelling economics with pricing and rebate advantages that individual companies could not likely achieve on their own through a conventional supply source.

The program encompasses LED to replace: (i) linear fluorescent tubes; (ii) HID and fluorescent fixtures; (iii) 2 and 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps; (iv) incandescent, halogen, and screw-in CFLs; and (v) down light cans with retrofit kits. The Program provides no-cost audits, test LEDs, handles all rebate requirements, and arranges installation when required.

The Program serves office buildings, government buildings, hospitality, restaurants, retail, entertainment and virtually any other commercial/industrial market sector throughout the U.S. Companies are not required to be a member of a trade association or a property management company client to take advantage of the Trade Association LED program.

LED – Lighting’s Future

LED is the future of lighting. The lighting quality and reliability of LEDs has dramatically advanced, along with significantly reduced cost to make it compelling to replace most any type of conventional lighting with LEDs.

LED lighting reduces energy cost up to 80% over conventional lighting with rebates that result in no-cost or very low-cost projects.

Reduced maintenance is often the more important savings from the huge reduction in demand on staff to replace burned out light bulbs and the virtual elimination of costs to purchase replacement lamps for years to come.

The 25,000 hour to 100,000 hour LED lamp rated life is up to 8 times longer than compact fluorescent lamps, up to 25 times longer than incandescent and halogen lamps, and up to 10 times longer than HID and fluorescent fixtures.


  • LEDs for Incandescent
    & Halogen Replacement


    A lamps 60WE to 100WE, MR16 50WE, PAR and BR of various sizes and colors up to 100WE, Candelabra 40WE and globes 40WE. Various colors and beam angles. 25,000 hour or greater rate life.

  • LED Tubes

    LED Tubes

    LED tubes “Plug and Play” ballast compatible by using existing T8 instant-start electronic ballasts to replace linear fluorescent T8 tubes with no wiring required, up to 20 watts, up to 2400 lumens, 50,000 hour rated life.

  • LED Wall Packs

    LED Wall Pack

    Exterior Wall Packs have broad applicability to replace up to 400 watt metal halide and HPS fixtures generally with energy savings over 50% and lamp life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

  • LEDs for 2-Pin & 4-Pin
    CFL Replacement

    LEDs for CFL 2-Pin & 4-Pin Replacement

    Replace 2-pin and 4-pin 26w to 42w compact fluorescents with 13w horizontal or vertical Plug and Play LEDs with no wiring or fixture modification, 50,000 hour rated life, with various colors.

  • LED High Bay

    LED High Bay

    Replace up to 400 watt HID fixture. Five year warranty. Energy savings generally 50%. Color range from 2800k to 6500k. UL and DLC certification. Short circuit/Over current/Over voltage/Over temperature protections.

  • LED Pole Lights

    LED Pole Lights

    LEDs for poles and roadway Cobra heads come in different styles and replace up to 400 watt HID fixtures generally with up to 60% energy savings and lamp life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

  • LED Downlight Can
    Retrofit Kits

    LED Downlight Can Retrofit Kits

    LED retrofit kits with 35,000 hour rated life and various colors replace 120v and 277v compact fluorescent or halogen downlight can lighting up to 100 watts for energy savings up to 80%.

  • LED Low Bay

    LED Low Bay

    Replace up to 200 watt HID fixture. Five year warranty. Widely used in indoor and partially covered exterior locations. Energy savings generally 50%. Color range from 2800k to 6500k. UL and DLC.

  • LED Replacement
    of HID Lamps

    LED Plug and Play Replacement of HID Lamps

    LED plug-and-play replacement with no rewiring required for up to 400w MH and HPS horizontal and vertical lamps. 50-60% Energy Savings with the same or better delivered lumens. 50,000 hour rated life. Up-light option available.